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Tonia Boyer

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Coming Home

Our last few hours in Honduras. We will be leaving the hotel around 9:30 - 10:00 after eating breakfast. Parents, get ready for a suitcase full of dirty, smelly clothes and shoes. We will travel by bus to San Pedro Sulu and wait for our plane to take us to San Salvador (at least I think that is where we are going? That's where we flew into on the way over to Honduras, so I am thinking that it is the same on the way back. Keith isn't up for me to verify, but I do know that we are supposed to be getting into the Miami airport around 2:00 a.m. Hopefully we will be able to retrieve all our bags quickly at that time in the morning and get on the road. We will stop for breakfast and hopefully arrive in time for church services tomorrow.

Keith gave a phenomenal final devotional last night at the Jesus statue. We finished a great but emotional day from the special needs orphanage visit, handing out food and clothing to the needy at Union, blind school visit and then the Jesus statue. As we looked at this statue of Jesus that is approximately 150 feet tall, it is a very visable reminder of why we are here in Honduras. Jesus is very much in our hearts and minds while we are here. Keith challenged us all to keep Jesus in the forefront of our thoughts, minds and hearts when we return. Let's not forget that the joy we feel now can be and should be felt all year long. There are so many people in our community that need us to reach out to them, just as we do here. It's a big challenge as we come off this spiritual high, but one we all will strive to maintain and with the Lord's help can achieve. God's blessings to you all. See you soon.

Friday, June 27, 2008

To Vince's Family
This is Tonia, I just wanted you to know that i spent the morning with Vince and 18 other wonderful people visiting the Special Needs Orphanage. This is always a tough visit for me each year but so rewarding! I know that we are there to bring joy to the children, but the joy that fills my heart each year from my own visiting is overwhelming. On top of that i get to experience this visit with some awesome kids and adults, and i wanted you to know that Vince was truly amazing today *nothing unusual there, he has been such a hard worker throughout this trip*. The time i spent watching him and taking pictures was such an incredible experience. He played hard and loved so much. Listening to him and his little friend laugh and laugh filled my heart. Not unlike the experience i got from being with CJ last year, or David before that! I wish you could have been there, i think someone took a short video of part of their playtime so i will try to get that to you. You have raised a wonderful son, whose light has shined amazingly bright these past 2 weeks, and one who i know you are so proud of, he has shown so much love and affection to so many!
My Matt and Jillian,

Today God continued to touch my life in wonderful ways. I started the day with a visit to the special needs orphanage. I played with a sweet girl and we both got great laughs by having her do spin outs in her wheelchair. Her squeal of joy was amazing! Then we went to the blind school and played with the children there. As I walked through the door a precious boy was standing there and I asked his name. He told me it was Christian. As he asked mine I replied and he repeated what sounded like Jillian. I have to say it took me back for a moment. I explained Jillian was my bambino at home and for the rest of the afternoon we were great friends! After we played they sang for us and it sounded like angels in heaven. Then we sang for them and they listened so intently. I have many more details and tremendous moments to share with you. That is just a quick note that does not even begin to convey Gods hand that was upon us today. As the day is coming to an end I am looking forward to seeing you both and holding you soon. I am certainly leaving a piece of my heart here though. God has given me many lessons through this trip and I am looking forward to living those.
I will not post again as I know tomorrow morning will be busy and will be on our way home with the Lords help. I know you are praying for all of our safe travels so thank you.
I can not wait to hug and kiss you both about a million times!!
All my love,
Written on Wednesday-

From Hayden

Hi! We went to Moloa today, which is my favorite. We went there yesterday too, but we cooked and served food, and today we did our VBS program. Monday we went to the hospital. I dont know what we are doing tomorrow but I hope its special needs. Im so excited to see my room! And I'm so excited to see you and daddy! Just a few more days! Thanks for accepting my proposition! Heres the deets- July 13-19, leave on a Sunday, take me up to Sammi's house in Orlando, camps in Eustis. Its $155 if you turn it in 2 weeks in advance. Register online at Request to be roomed with Sammi Conley. Thanks so much! Love you and miss you! Love Hayden

From Ashley Keyso

Gabe- I really hope that everthing is good at home! I miss you alot, and no I didn't get to see Jonathon. Turns out he moved, but I know that it's for the better , it just stinks that I can't see him. I've been sick since yesterday, but I feel good today! Hopefully I'll be able to go to the mountain tomorrow! I wish you were here! I love you and miss you!

From Abbey
Hi Daddy! Are you excited to have your favorite daughter back home? I love and miss you.

We Have Your Back

Good Morning to All from Honduras,

It is our last day in Honduras and we all are wondering where the time went and how can it possibly be over for another year. We have a busy day today and all look forward to today's events. A small group will be traveling to the special needs orphanage and then the entire group will make our last bus trip to Union to distribute 200 bags of food and clothing. Union is one of the neediest villages and a place so desperate for help. It's hard for many to see so many in need and know that what we have will not come close to helping all who need it. If you allow yourself to look at it that way, than one is tempted to think that what we are doing is ineffective. We have to realize that those that we are able to build a home for, provide food and clothing for, or teach in VBS would not have received this blessing without us. It gives us courage and renews our desire to come back each year to fulfill the ever present need.

We all eagerly look forward to visiting the blind school. I am hoping to see my special friend from last year. The children raise money for their school with their singing. We will sing to each other and it is truly a song that touches your ears and hearts. A good game of soccer where our team members will be blind folded is always good for some laughs. I'm sure there will be some good pictures posted on the blog following this activity. We will be late getting back to the hotel tonight because we are ending our trip visiting the Jesus statue and having our closing devo high atop the mountain. A great way to end our 2 weeks here in Honduras.

Each one of us needs other people to watch out for us, to defend us, protect us, and help us stay on track. In the book of Philippians, the apostle Paul tells us that we should look out for each other's interests, not just our own. We all need a community of people who are saying to us: We'll be with you when you're going through the tough times. We're not going to let you get discouraged or depressed. That is what we have tried to do in our two weeks here. To send the message to these special people that Jesus is alive and well. That His love for them is overflowing and the Good News is for each and every one of them. We have your back Honduras. Our love and prayers will remain with you and you will remain in our hearts. Until next year.

Last Day in Honduras

Thursday, June 26, 2008

From Tami Milner

Charles I hope you have been enjoying all the messages and pictures. We are winding down know and preparing to come home! We leave the hotel at 9 00 am Saturday morning so tomorrow will be our last day. We have a lot of activities lined up but NO building, unless they dont finish the 4 from this morning. This has been a great trip. Only a few kids got sick but fortunately all of them had their mommies here! CJ is still the same, we may take him tonight for tests just to be on the safe side but he did get to rest all day. Dont be late for Church Sunday, we may need help unloading the bus! I miss you, Love Tami

Thanks for taking care of CJ's Dr. appt. Tell Jamie that Catie and Alyssa have been straightening my hair for me but they will never replace her! See you Sunday, hopefully the whole family will be there. Save us a seat! We didn't have much time to shop so Nic, Alex and Alexa are the only ones getting surprises. Love Tami

We visited the hospital today with a group of 10. Vince has been doing alot of construction so it was a nice change for him. Yesterday he did VBS in a village that we worked in last year. He did arts and crafts It was so nice to see the kids again. We couldnt believe that they remembered us! Vince was great with the kids although I had to help him with the balloon animals. Did you see the picture of him on the blog? That was supposed to be a flower that he made for the little girl! She said she really liked it! He is doing great, slowing down a little meaning he isn't running up and down the stairs quite as much! Did Aaron notice his muscles in the picture from yesterday? I think Tonia was having too much fun and decided to try photoshop! Enjoy your weekend in Ocala, we will get Vince home safe. Tami
My Matt and Jillian,

Yesterday was another day of blessings here. I went to Monoloha which is a church and center that feeds children lunch daily. It was incredible to see precious children there. I got to work in the kitchen and help put the bowls of food together and then wash dishes. I have to tell you those were the best dishes I ever washed knowing that they came from feeding children who may only have that one meal for the day. The women in the kitchen were kind and loving and I am so impressed with the work that is being done there. I then went to play with the children that didn´t make it in the VBS. We had a great time laughing and playing. They gave their hugs, love and laughter to me freely which I was grateful to absorb. In the picture below they are teaching me a new game. I can´t wait to get home to teach it to Jillian and the other children. It is alot of fun and we played over and over.
God has supplied me with abundant blessings on this trip and has touched ares of my life in new ways. I know that coming here He has supplied me with far greater blessings than I am able to return. His power and love overwhelm me.

Jillian, my heart smiles when I hear that you are having fun. I just can´t tell you what an experience this is and I am looking forward to teaching you many of the things that God has taught me here.

Matt, I have so much to share with you about the people here, our servants from Northwest, and the work. All of it encompasses such love for our Father. Can you see His light shining all the way from here?

I love and miss you both so much and really miss your hugs and kisses. I hope you have alot stored up for me!!
Sending all of mine your way,
Gina aka Mommy

Thanks for everything, I am so glad that you all are having fun. Your daughter lead a girls devo last night and did such a great job. I wish you were here to hear it. Rob continues to work hard and be his wonderful AH! self. Be proud and know they love the Lord deeply.

Your son lead the morning devo yesterday. While I wasn´t able to hear it those who told me about it were very moved. Your children are doing much hard work here. Heather is a wrok horse like Chris and they are both pouring themselves out for Him.

Laura is doing great! She had sch a fun day yesterday seeing children she knew. I can tell that she loves the work here and enjoys serving. Be proud!

All the parents
Smile and know that the work here continues by the loving acts of your children. All of their beautiful aspects shine so brightly here. They are such an encouragement and I am amazed to watch them. May we continue to pray for our children to follow the path of Christ as they grow.

Hey Momma,

I really miss you and have had a lot of Hondurans ask about you. It´s really hard to leave and I´m not ready, but I really want to see you and Dad too. Sorry I couldn´t talk to you as much as I wanted to and I love you and Dad very much and can´t wait to see you. Love tattyhead.
To Beverly and Tom,

Just wanted to share with you what great children you have. Had a moment to talk with Heather yesterday (she actually came to my room to use her hair dryer which she so graciously loaned Katrina and I since both of us sacrificed to make the luggage weight limit). I am so impressed with her sweet, loving and mature attitude. She is a lovely person on the inside and out. Of course, you know how I feel about Chris (my other son). He makes me laugh (we had a good time working together on a roof 2 days ago)His agility on stepping from board to board is monkey-like! Two lovely young people that you can be so proud of! Have a great day and can´t wait to see you.


I shared with Eddie the first week how much I enjoyed working with Rob the first couple of days. His kindness, thoughtfulness and compassionate nature are remarkable in a young man of his age. He is great with the younger kids and us young at heart kids as well.

Brittany and I have actually been able to work several times together on some work crews. She has really impressed me and I have seen her grow and mature right before my eyes as the days go by. She never hesitates to step right up when needed to carry a board, use the heavy pick, provide a nail, hammer in a board and last but not least, be the official sweeper of the inside of the house when we are finished! I´m so proud of her and know you would be too!

Austin is doing great and has fit right in with the work here in Honduras. He seems to be having a great time and works so very hard to help out in whatever needs to be done. He will have lots of stories to share! I´m so glad he came on this trip!

Smiles Abound

Top of the Morning to All from Honduras!

This is our last work day on the mountain. We have plans to build our last 4 houses today which will be 30 homes built! We are praying for good weather and good sites. We also will have a final visit to the hospital and a small group returning to Moaloah (sp?)to serve food and start the building of steps made out of tires. We will be distributing 200 bags of food and clothing at Union today as well.

Yesterday, at Moaloah, a large group traveled to Moaloah for the last VBS. 100 children attended (only had materials and room for that many). More had to be turned away - now that will break your heart to see a child eagerly waiting to attend VBS and not be able to get inside. The VBS this year was a huge success. Gabriel and his helpers had a fabulous program that shared bible stories and each step had a great craft activity to reinforce the lesson. The children made sashes, t-shirts, plates, crowns and received flip flops. At the end they also were given a snack of crackers, cookies and juice along with a goody bag filled with donated and new stuffed animals and toys and candy. The children who didn´t get to attend the VBS were played with by some of us and we did our best to entertain them with games, gum and when all else failed, we used markers and drew pictures on their hands and painted the girls fingernails! These children were able to receive a goody bag as well. The smiles were ever present and endless. When VBS ended we distributed 100 bags of food up the mountain to some of the neediest families.

Although we all are moving a little slower, have new bruises and scratches from our work, we can not wait to build on this last day, knowing that 4 more families will have a new home today. We will cherish our final day at the hospital to share the love of Jesus to those in need. We will serve food to the hungry and build steps to make their climb to church and school at little easier. Tired muscles and bodies are forgotten when you remember what all will be accomplished at the end of the day.
May each of you have a great day as we all serve God wherever we are.
In Him,
Note from Tonia
Mom, we are able to download pictures from many of us here, it is just a job finding time to get them loaded to the blog. Glad you are enjoying them! We are all tired, but excited to build 4 more tomorrow. I can't wait to see everyone we miss you all!!!
love and hugs and good night!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

To Cindy Randolph
Ana did the women's devotional tonight and did a wonderful job speaking about the value of sisters in Christ and how we treat those friendships. I know you are already proud of her, but i just wanted you to know what a wonderful job she did!!!
love and miss your hugs,
Note from Tonia
David, i hope you are having a good week. We are accomplishing a lot of wonderful things here, and getting to visit with old friends, but you are definitely missed!!!
Things are winding down, and the plan is to build the final 4 houses tomorrow. Not sure what area we are building in. I hope you will be able to make it home before school starts, do you know when you finish working? I can´t wait to call you on the way home, sometime Saturday night. love and miss you so much!!!!
From Angela
Hi Mikey
Thank you for my message. This trip has been great. Miss seeing you here. I will tell you all about it when I see you. Take care. Love you.

From George and Shannon
Jess and Boys aka DelCastillo Crew
Surprisingly enough we miss you guys quite a bit! haha. Hope you guys are having a great time with Amos and Pa! Give everyone hugs and kisses for me and bug Uncle Alan a little for me as well!
Jess, can´t wait until you can take this trip with us!!! (we´ll start working on your dad and Ralf) :)
You guys have a great rest of your trip, but hurry home so we can go swim, do some improv tv, and have some other......... FUN!!! hahaha!
Love you guys so much!

Angie and Alan
Mom said you guys had a great VBS and the boys really enjoyed it. Wish I could have seen your skits Alan!
Georgi and I are going to be heading to Monaloa in a little bit to do a VBS program for about 100 children. We are really looking forward to it.
Love and miss you guys!

Congrats on number 2!!! (the test)
Wish you guys could be here with us!
Can´t wait to come home and share our trip with you.
You wanna buy lunch Sunday? haha!
See you soon!
George and Shannon
From Suzanne,

Adam, by the time you read this, your soccer camp will have ended and we will only have one more day in Honduras before traveling home. I am looking forward to seeing you when we arrive for church services (hopefully). We will not have much time to visit before you leave again on vacation, so we will just pack as much time in as we can on catching up. I love you with all my heart. Jim and Jan, hope all is well and you have received my emails. Thank you again for everything you have done to help make this trip possible. I am forever in your debt and filled with gratitude. Your love and support are such blessings in my life.
All my love (tons)

Uniquely Prepared

Good Wednesday Morning from Honduras!

Yesterday was another productive, successful day with 4 more houses being completed. That puts our total count to 24 homes to date. Which means at least 100 people have a new home with a roof over their head that didn´t before we came here. This is a very conservative number because many families have twice that number. Can you imagine a 12 x 14 structure holding 8 people? The Honduran people are so very grateful for this gift and reward us with hugs, smiles and tears as we pack up our tools to leave. Such a wonderful, complete feeling at the end of a day. Now that´s a good day´s work!

A large group paid another visit to the hospital and were rewarded with knowing that they touched the lives of many. When you see a group of teenagers go up to a bed of a sick or injured child and bring a smile to their face or distract a young child who is in tears from getting an IV by blowing bubbles, what better reward is there?

The Monoloa group of 8 traveled by taxi since the buses were being used to take the other groups. They helped served food to the children and were also asked to help build a small wall. The group stepped right up to the task and showed their flexibility and ended up doing contruction even though they did not sign up for construction that day. Doing what needs to be done.

So many tasks and so many roles to fill while here in Honduras. God gave us all a unique role to play in his Kingdom. Each person has a unique mix of spiritual gifts, passions, abilities, personality, and experiences. We all are shaped for a specific ministry and no one else can fulfill your mission. It´s such a great experience to witness each person trying new things here and discovering that they have abilities and sometimes even a passion for a particular work. For some, it is the unique gift of playing with the children, showering them with love, bringing a smile to their face and laughter. Others minister to the sick and show compassion and provide comfort to the children and their families in a time of great stress. Some of us discover that swinging a hammer, putting on a roof and yes, even digging rocks out of holes for posts results in a home. Many hands and organizational skills are used to sort, bag and distribute food to the hungry. As we discover these gifts and passions we are discovering that God has prepared us for this mission. You may think you don´t have any skills God can use, but the truth is that God would never send us on a mission without making sure we had everything we needed - including our unique shape and the Holy Spirit active in us. If it is true that God gives each of us a unique gole to play in his Kingdom, than we need to start living as if we really believed it. Just think what we can accomplish?
(submitted by Suzanne)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

From Gina

My Matt and Jillian,

It was another wonderful day here, Praise God! He gave us the ability to build again and all the teams completed the houses. I built today and it was another moving experience. It started sprinkling a few times as we were building, but God keep the rain away and we were able to finish. I enjoy getting to know the families, as best I can with my few Spanish words I know. They are so loving and grateful for the houses they are given. I find myself at a loss for words when I try to tell you about the acts of service that our taking place by the servants here to glorify God. God's hand is working masterfully here and He is orchestrating such beauty.

I am happy that things are going so well there. I miss you both tremendously and appreciate your notes, they give me so much joy! Again I am sending many hugs and kisses your way!!
All my love to you both,
Gina aka Mommy


It is really awesome here, you are going to love it! I am glad that you saw Jillian and Mom at the mall today and had fun. I so appreciate the loving examples of Christ that you and Monica are to Jillian. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!


I can't wait to tell you all about this trip, it is awesome! God is mighty, always remember that. His active presence is at work in our lives and that is so powerful. I look forward to seing you on Sunday!

Parents who have children on the trip

I am sure that you are praying for your children here to complete God's work. I can assure you those prayers are being answered! They are all working very hard and doing it with such joy. I wish each of you could get a glipse of your child in action, it is so beautiful! They are truly being servants and are doing exactly what we are called to do for our Savior by bringing much glory to His name. Be proud and praise Him!
From George and Shannon

Dear Davis and Hernandez Crew

We are fnally here and having a great time doing God's work! Our first 24 hours in Honduras has been eventful. Georgie and I got to work on the same crew yesterday. He jumped right in and did a great job on his first house and he's still in one piece, yah! Can't wait to tell you all about it.

Love and miss you all.

From Heather

I had no idea that you were sending all those messages everyday. I wrote a note to you the other day, but I guess it didn't make it to the computer. I miss you and love you. Justina asked about you and I told her you were coming next year. She's the one who writes me letters. I cried so much when I saw Fernando, one of my boys. So it turns out the spanish minor is coming in handy, thanks for pushing me to stick it out! I have gotten to do so much with it. Dad, if you were at the hospital today you would be glad to know things have improved at least a little. Today I held a girls hand while she had a huge syringe of pain mediciation through her IV. I love you and miss you. Will try to get ahold of this blog book more often.

From Crystal H

Well it was so KOOL! I pulled a Sondra! I saw my friend Paige from CFBC in Vally of the Angels. Insane, right. I got most people souveners and I got a Honduras shirt. Yesterday I went to the hospital and met a little boy named Hurdy. He has cancer, but just a few more treatements and they say it will be gone. I miss you so much.

From Hayden

Hi! Sorry I haven't written in a few days, we've been very busy. How's my room lookin'. Have you heard from Jenn, Rachel, or Jackie. If you do, tell them hello from me. I have a proposition, two weeks after we get home is CFBC teen week. Please consider letting me go because I really want to. If you let me I can go with Sammi and it's $20 off if you turn in money soon. I'd be home for 2 full weeks before it starts, so think about it. I miss you all so, soo, sooo much! Can't wait to see you in a coule days. I love you!

From Kate

Hey Mom and Dad,
I hope you had a good birthday Daddy. Yesterday and today have been so much fun! I went to the hospital and sorted food and went to my favorite village. I have so many stories and I can't wait to tell you. Ms. Angela says "Happy Birthday and she loves you." Can't wait to see.

PS Gina and Suzanne said Happy Birthday, too!!! Bettye, thank you for the Georgia update.
From Laura

Hey Mom and family! I typed a note for you all but no one said anything back! I miss yall I got on Mr. Rick's team again! Yay! I've gotten to roof a lot! Can't wait to see all of you. Keith bought all the birthday people a cake tonight, he is so cool. We sang then ate them. Love and miss everyone! P.S. Nana- thanks for taking care of mom and my cat (ha ha)

From Ana

Momma, Eli and Jillian

We're having a great time! Can't believe how fast it's going! Momma, thank you for the note you sent with Gina! It made my day! I love you! Way to go, Munchkin, for runner up Mr. CFBC! Sounds like you had quite an adventure- can't wait to hear about it! Jillian Rose, I miss you so much! Thank you for my beautiful picture! I'm taking good care of your mommy-she's having so much fun! I can't wait to show you all my pictures when I get home. Give Boo and E-I a BIG hug and kiss from me! I love you (all)! Love Ana/Nani

From Gina

Matt and Jillian,
Today I helped build a house. It was a tremendous experience and blessing to me and I can't to tell you all about it and show you all the pictures. Casey and CJ were the crew leaders and were great! JILLIAN, I know you are having lots of fun. I hope you are enjoying the notes and treats I left for you. Today I met a little girl who is about the same age as you. She was so sweet and will live in the house we built. I could imagine you playing and laughing with her. MATT, I am humbled by the work God is doing here- it is tremendous. All of the people on this trip are working so hard for Him. I wish you were with me to experience it. Thank you for all you are doing while I'm away. I love and miss you both!! Tons of hugs and kisses to you! Gina a.k.a. Mommy

To all the parents with kids on this trip-
I wish each of you could get a glimpse of your children in action. They were working so hard and loving so deeply- you should be very proud of them! They are awesome!

It is a beautiful oppurtunity to come here. I am excited for when you can come. I have lots of pictures to show you. Much love, Gina

Thanks for taking special care of JIllian. I am so glad you all had fun! I can't wait to share with you all of God's goodness!! Tell Eli I said HI! and you all hug each other for me!

From Jan and Bob

To the Matthews Gang-
Thank you for your messages and encouragement, Everything is going well here, yeasterday (Monday) we made our 300 bags of food, will distribute on Friday. Besides building houses, we will sort clothes and some will go to the childrens hospital. Dad's building everyday. I like to go to the hospital but I've developed a cough so I'll forego it this time. Love to each of you. Happy birthday to Michael and Zayden tomorrow- we'll be thinking about you- take care. Keep us in your prayers- you are in ours! Love Mom and Dad

From Gabriel and Angela

Dear Irene and Gabriel,

I read your message and was very glad to hear from you. My heart skipped a beat because I had not heard or read the word tio in a long time and it makes me think about how much I miss you guys.

Irene, I can not tell you enough how proud you are of you and the perseverance you took upon yourselves to make a better life for the Garcias and Gabriel, the same goes for you, I just keep thinking and thinking about how proud your mother would be of you two, I can picture her face telling me about the both of you with her beautiful eyes wide open telling me about her babies and most say, it brings tears to my eyes.

To the rest of NW,
Sunday is approaching rapidly and I cannot wait to be back there and sing with you guys *not that the singing here is not good* but you know is like a mother’s meal, there is just something beautiful and priceless about it and you just miss it and nothing tastes better. I love you guys very much!!!

To my family–
If you are reading and keeping up – I want you to know that this place is perfect for you. I know how much you guys love to help people and to be in a group and play around and plainly have a good time – I know how much you also love the kids from our church and I just have to say: I wish you were all here so bad – it aches!!!

All my love to everyone and may God be praised,
His servant,


Our first hospital visit took place yesterday. For the first timers, it is sometimes a shock to see the dirty conditions, the lack of personnel and supplies. However, once you get past this, you see the children, their smiles despite their circumstances, the hunger for some attention, the joy at receiving a small stuffed animal that they quickly clutch and hold onto like a lifeline. Prayers are offered on their behalf and their thankful hearts cause our hearts to want to give more. As hard as the hospital visitation is to experience sometimes, we eagerly look forward to sharing our time and ourselves for the simple reward of a smile.

Also, hundreds of pounds of food was sorted and bagged for distribution. Cherilynn and Cindi helped to organize and when the hospital volunteers returned, an assembly line was formed and all the food was bagged in one day! Way to go team! Everyone plays a vital role here in the success of our mission.

"As you sent me into the world, I am sending them into the world". We are always having an effect on people, wherever we are being sent into this world and whatever is currently happening in our life. In Corinthians, Paul even confesses to his anxiety over plans not going as expected. Even then, he could still say he was being lead on a mission. Yesterday was a bit like that. All three work sites had very challenging accessibility issues. It is difficult to build a home when you have steep drop offs, chicken coops in the way that must be moved, rock walls that the house goes right up next too, etc. However, guess what? All 3 houses were built and completed. We are living the attitude that nothing can stop us because nothing can stop God"s work in our lives. Would it not be great today if when people ask us how we are today, we answer, even if it is just to ourselves, I am on a mission, because we are. We are on a mission to love God today with all our hearts, and let that love reflect in all we do. We are on a mission to look for opportunities to give a reason for the hope we have in Christ.

Today"s plans are for 3 more houses to be built, hospital visitation and a small group traveling to Monaloa to serve lunch to the school children. May you all be blessed today and remember we have all been sent; we are on a mission. Look for what God has for you.
(submitted by Suzanne)